The persons we help them become


Curiosity at work

Someone on Facebook posted an article from Forbes¬†about how parental behaviour can prevent our children to become “the leaders¬†they have the potential to be.” And while I do understand the idea of some (only some!) of the points the article makes, the fundamental message actually makes me angry and sick.

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The crazy life with twins


“Oh, how cute! Are they twins?” – “No, they’re a beagle and a crate of beer.”

No, that’s not an actual conversation, but sometimes I wish I had the guts to say that. Honestly, that’s the most-heared question twin parents get. But at the same time, the question is always asked with such a joy and a smile that it’s hard to be sarcastic in the face of a stranger. People love twins! Really, they do! And they always have a story about twins themselves or just a comment.

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I am…

Blogging since 2006. Wow. What a time! 8 years!

I think blogging for me started as a natural extension of keeping a diary once my online life really started. Oh, and those first posts! I cringe, reading them, shaking my head… nothing but proof that I’m not the same person as I was back then. So young and full of hurt and sadness. So much has changed since then… Back than, I thought life had not much to give me but disappointments. Slowly, I made my way to trusting myself and now, I found the one thing I thought back then I’d never get: love. My own family.

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