Autumn feels

Without words and further ado: pictures!


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Spring morning

It’s such an amazingly beautiful morning that I took a detour on my way home from bringing the boys to daycare. I soon regretted not having the camera on me but the pictures are not so bad, considering they’ve been made by mobile! See for yourself.


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These days


Totally time for a little update – especially since February decided today that spring┬áhas been called off for at least one snowy day – and some pictures of a wonderful sunny day.

These days, I’m…

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To Change and Inspiration!


I know, I’ve been quiet for a few days and I’m sorry about that. I feel a bit down at the moment, probably partly due to the nearly constantly grey, rainy autumn days (I mean – September only started! It should still be summer!) and partly due to the increasinly frustrating search for a house. As much as I love the flat we’re living in (the view from our balcony is pure love) – it is getting way too small. Four people in three rooms that have to live, eat and work here… it’s getting really, really crowded.

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