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Summer feelings


Oh wow. Time is just getting away from me these days. The amazingly wonderful and hot(!) weather does not make it easier to get concentrated and want to sit behind a computer screen. Meetings with friends and family, walks outside and time with Leander are definitely a priority. Then again… I miss blogging after a while. But not everytime I want to write, the right things come to mind. Hence, I was thinking a lot about what to do with my blog(s), where to go with them etc. I hope I find the time in the next days to implement all the changes or extensions I plan 😉

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Enjoying the sun

There I was, lying on a blanket in the grass, the sun shining in a blue sky, the boys playing, laughing, crawling all over me. Next to me, the little stream murmuring. A soft breeze carrying blossomy scents. And I realized: this might just be the happiest time of my life.

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