Autumn feels

Without words and further ado: pictures!


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Oh the nom!

Yesterday I stumbled across a post I already read some weeks ago with an incredibly yummie sounding recipe for banana bread. Not only banana bread, but gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free and incredibly simply made. I wanted to try it the first time I read about it but yesterday I took a stand, told myself firmly “Just do it instead of only saying it” and went to get the necessary groceries. And what can I tell you? It. is. so. good.

I found it over at Happily Polly‘s and can only recommend it! Want to know how to make it?

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Day 11 – Home of old

icondere_portal11 Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve.

When I think back to the home I lived in as a teenager, the prevailing emotion is: Glad I’m no longer there. It wasn’t that the house was ugly (which it was in large parts) or impractical (which it totally was), it was the town I… well, learned to hate. A small, 3000-souls-village in the south of Germany where my father was the minister. As the family of the town’s minister, we were the talk of the town. Puberty is hard enough in itself, especially when you’re a girl that at 14 towered over most other children and was really not pretty. I was weird, I felt weird and I always knew our neighbours were watching.

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Summer, family and breaks


There are days where it doesn’t matter what you intended to do, what plans you had or what you reeeeeeally needed to finish, it won’t work. There are sponaneous family meetings in beautiful summer gardens, friends to be met, sisters to be visited and toothing children to be tended to who demand your whole energy. Most of what happened the last days was really, really beautiful but it was also time-consuming and took a lot of energy, so I just wasn’t able to write the last Blog University entries. I’ll try and catch up with them within the next few hours (and I’ll date them back to the appropriate day) but until then, I share with you some of the wonderful images I took in my mother-in-law’s beautiful, beautiful garden. It is a magical place, imbued with her energy and her art, a real oasis in the rush of every-day-life. Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me to my sister’s but on the other hand – so we were able to just sit and laugh and eat and talk in her garden without being interrupted by the camera’s clicking. And while the boy’s toothing is quite taxing, I’m so glad I can still say:
Wonderful time, these days… 🙂

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