Autumn feels

Without words and further ado: pictures!


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Our new kitchen

Boy, did I think long on the title of this post. “Kitchen of the heart”, “A kitchen to relax in”, “We did it” or some other oversized title came to mind and all felt stupid or corny and so I just settled for simplicity. You can never really go wrong with that 😉

So, get ready for a really long post.

Short summary of how this whole kitchen renovation thing came to pass. When we moved into this flat nearly 5 years ago (five. Five years. Unbelievable.) we were really glad it had a kitchen. (Here in Germany, it is not necessarily a given that a rented flat (or house, for that matter) has a kitchen; I would even go so far as to say that it is more common to not have a kitchen and having to buy one yourself.) The kitchen was as old as the flat itself and hadn’t been renovated at all – but it was absolutely working, despite being something like 40 years old. It had a ridiculously loud and old fridge which we exchanged within one week but the rest was working just fine, so we just left everything as it was. Which was like this:


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Running out of blog entry titles


I’m so full of thoughts and good memories of the last week and I’m still not able to come up with a decent title for this entry. Pathetic. But hey, who cares – it’s the content that counts, right? 😉

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Summer of abundance


This year has given us the most beautiful seasons in a while – well, apart from winter which was only grey and wet with basically no snow at all. But at least it was short and spring came early with lots and lots of beautiful days. Summer as well has been very generous so far and despite the last days which were really rainy, the one word that comes to mind when outside is “abundance”. The flowers and trees flow over with blossoms and berries, everything is full of fruit and dark, healthy colours promising a rich harvest in autumn. I’ve been meaning to show you the following pictures for a few days now but haven’t gotten around to it. Now, with rainy days and a white-grey sky, they remind me of the beauty waiting outside and hoping for the sun.

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