Happy Bi Visibility Day! :D


Me: mother, wife, was in love with a woman once*, am deeply in love with my husband now**, friend, geek, trekkie, gardener, star gazer, dreamer, witch, attracted to more than one gender***, searching, book lover, scifi and fantasy addicted, singer, lover, secret keeper, artist, writer, gamer, crazy person, not missing anything whilst in a relationship with a person of a certain gender, bisexual.

Happy Bi Visibility Day!! konfetti


*I was not a lesbian while with her.
**I’m not straight now that I’m with him.
***Yes, that means also more than two.


Acceptance Speech

GUYS! I’ve been nominated! By the wonderful urbandementria, a fellow BloggingU blogger from India, whose simple and colourful stories paint a beautiful picture of her life. Make sure to check her out! She said some very kind things about my writing and I feel very honored to have been given this lovely award:


Thank you, urbandementria!

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