Autumn feels

Without words and further ado: pictures!


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The Grey

graffitigraphic-stock919Fall is literally falling. The skies are grey and rainy, full of clouds hanging deep over the land, brought by chilly winds. The next moment, a really warm sun blazes from a blue sky, only followed by more rain. The trees are bowing under their burdens of fruit and berries, their leaves turning slowly to red and yellow, painting the streets below them. The evenings are a strange mix of warmth and cold, always hinting at thunderstorms but bringing none.

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A Lughnasadh celebration


We have our own little “circle” here, even though probably most more organized Wiccans would smile about our lack of professionality or even continuity. It’s by far not every ritual we celebrate together, we don’t even have a fire for a lot of them and also a lot of them cannot happen outside because of cold and weather. We have no “Priestess” and no male participants, we barely have a certain process or defined order in which stuff happens in our rituals. Most of the time we’re only three or four women, meeting, celebrating and focussing our energy and thoughts.

That used to be different for quite a while. But life is what it is, so some have moved on, meet with other people or just can’t find the time any longer.

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Running out of blog entry titles


I’m so full of thoughts and good memories of the last week and I’m still not able to come up with a decent title for this entry. Pathetic. But hey, who cares – it’s the content that counts, right? đŸ˜‰

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A summer, a celebration and lots of love


Oh Time, where art thou? I feel bad about not blogging but somehow time just keeps running away from me. So many things have been happening – a baby shower for a friend, out summer celebration: a wonderful weekend full of love and awesomeness, the twin’s first birthday, cleaning, sport and thinking and planning. Bear with me and I’ll tell you all about it in the next few days. For today, let me show you what we were up to this last weekend.

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