On trust


Golden October afternoon

Today I had a whole day of choir practice and as Leander was at the SPIEL trade fair in Essen, my sister was so kind and awesome to babysit the boys during the day. Even after more than two years in whole and nearly a whole year of daycare it’s still weird to leave my children in someone else’s care, even if it’s someone I absolutely and completely trust like my sister. (So it’s good that I do it 😉 ) Continue reading


Recipe: Dried Apple Cinnamon Chips


Oh the nom.

Those who know me also know that I’m really fond of healthy foods. (Not that I always only eat healthy, but I’m working on it.) At the moment, I’m also trying to lose weight and therefore was looking for healthy snack choices – I just can’t resist having something to nibble while working or surfing or reading. Also, I have a sweet tooth, so only nuts or carrot sticks are really not cutting it for me during the day.

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Our new kitchen

Boy, did I think long on the title of this post. “Kitchen of the heart”, “A kitchen to relax in”, “We did it” or some other oversized title came to mind and all felt stupid or corny and so I just settled for simplicity. You can never really go wrong with that 😉

So, get ready for a really long post.

Short summary of how this whole kitchen renovation thing came to pass. When we moved into this flat nearly 5 years ago (five. Five years. Unbelievable.) we were really glad it had a kitchen. (Here in Germany, it is not necessarily a given that a rented flat (or house, for that matter) has a kitchen; I would even go so far as to say that it is more common to not have a kitchen and having to buy one yourself.) The kitchen was as old as the flat itself and hadn’t been renovated at all – but it was absolutely working, despite being something like 40 years old. It had a ridiculously loud and old fridge which we exchanged within one week but the rest was working just fine, so we just left everything as it was. Which was like this:


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The Grey

graffitigraphic-stock919Fall is literally falling. The skies are grey and rainy, full of clouds hanging deep over the land, brought by chilly winds. The next moment, a really warm sun blazes from a blue sky, only followed by more rain. The trees are bowing under their burdens of fruit and berries, their leaves turning slowly to red and yellow, painting the streets below them. The evenings are a strange mix of warmth and cold, always hinting at thunderstorms but bringing none.

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