Spring morning

It’s such an amazingly beautiful morning that I took a detour on my way home from bringing the boys to daycare. I soon regretted not having the camera on me but the pictures are not so bad, considering they’ve been made by mobile! See for yourself.


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These days


Totally time for a little update – especially since February decided today that spring has been called off for at least one snowy day – and some pictures of a wonderful sunny day.

These days, I’m…

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I am…

Blogging since 2006. Wow. What a time! 8 years!

I think blogging for me started as a natural extension of keeping a diary once my online life really started. Oh, and those first posts! I cringe, reading them, shaking my head… nothing but proof that I’m not the same person as I was back then. So young and full of hurt and sadness. So much has changed since then… Back than, I thought life had not much to give me but disappointments. Slowly, I made my way to trusting myself and now, I found the one thing I thought back then I’d never get: love. My own family.

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I think it was while browsing through Happily Polly when I got an all too familiar edge. Maybe you know the feeling – something… a little… has to change. I’m not talking in the big life-changing way, more in the little “move the furniture” way. I started to realize that this blog is still not exactly what I want it to be – and a big part of it is the layout. So now I’m browsing through the templates, sketching and doodling, looking at other blogs, checking out the example pages WordPress provided and other sites and think about how and what I want to change.

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A year of goodbyes


Cub at Yule, still not able to crawl

A little bit over two weeks ago, the twins turned one.


The magical number. The first year. My beautiful two boys are now officially no longer babies and their birthday marks 365 days of being on this earth (not counting those in my womb). Whoa. I still can’t quite believe it. And at the same time I’m so very excited about our next year together which will bring their first words, their first “conscious” yule celebration, probably their first trip to the ocean and so much more.

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