The Author

There is a table of rough wood and colorful stones, holding a laptop and a cup of coffee next to a vase with flowers. Somewhere there’s a cup stain and no matter how much I seem to wipe it, the crumbs always find a way back. Dust is dancing in the sun that is flowing through the open window. You can faintly hear the rustling of leaves from the garden and the purring of the cat lying in his favourite chair.

I can see it clearly in my mind. My dream house. My home-to-be. The house we’re still looking for. For creating, for gardening, for raising our twin boys Cub and Birch*, for living a life full of joy and creativity, sprituality and pure awesomeness. I’m so glad you decided to join our journey towards it! My name is Julie and together with my husband Leander, I’m building a life as a family in the middle of Germany.

I am Julie. I’m a twin mum, partner, spiritual wanderer, lover of food and trees and stars and summer nights, sister, aunt, mother, dreamer, Nerdfighter, eso-geek, middle age market girl, cat lover, tree hugger, bookworm, woman of the forest, Portal fan, wine drinker, live role play gamer, writer, series junkies. I am always searching for ways to make life more beautiful. I am living. I am dreaming. I am.

*Not their real names. I’m very sensitive with their privacy in the net and won’t share photos or names before they are old enough to agree to it. Cub and Birch are variations of their European and Celtic zodiacs (Leo and, well, Birch).


9 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Hi, you seem to have enough on your plate already, so well done for this blog. I’ll follow you now, and hope you’ll follow back.

  2. Die Frau von diesem Comiczeichner, dessen Blog ich gern lese, hat also auch einen Blog. Aha.

    Echt sympathisch.
    … Nerd, Serien, Esoterik, Mittelalter, keltische Sternzeichen – aaah, ich will dich treffen! Ich mag dich! (Schade, dass ihr so weit eh wohnt…)
    Liebe Grüße,

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