On trust


Golden October afternoon

Today I had a whole day of choir practice and as Leander was at the SPIEL trade fair in Essen, my sister was so kind and awesome to babysit the boys during the day. Even after more than two years in whole and nearly a whole year of daycare it’s still weird to leave my children in someone else’s care, even if it’s someone I absolutely and completely trust like my sister. (So it’s good that I do it 😉 )

They are old enough to understand what’s going on when I leave them alone and so it’s doubly important to me to explain to them what I do when I go – and of course ensure them that I’ll be back soon. They need to know they can trust in us and be sure of us. Well, it looks like we did a good job with that. Only a few weeks back, on of the daycare teachers of the boys’ group told us that both of the boys were immediately comforting a crying new child who still has separation issues: “Don’t cry. Mama’s at work. She’ll be back.” I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear that. And the same happened today. Birch (Heldenmini) waved a smiling goodbye when I left. “Mama singing! Be back soon?” He was absolutely sure I’d be back for him. The same is true with Leander – they have no problem staying in daycare or letting him go because they know he’ll come back. Building that kind of trust is so important. And I’m so very, very happy that they feel so secure and safe with us.


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