* stand before you when you open the door after cancelling a movie night to bring you chocolate. “We thought you need that”, they say, grin, and leave

* come to your help when you desperately need a car to pick up the children from daycare

* are those crazy people with you in weird, awesome clothes jumping from a rape field

* send you messages like “love you ♥ just that you know..”

* join you in those crazed, hour long conversations full of fandomness

* plan sharing their Steam account with you

* help you build complete, complex, awesome fan-AUs including checking that you don’t contradict the lore (also including those romances with certain characters)

* argue with you about social justice, racism, feminism and media representation

* hug you if you need it

* are those people whose phones automatically connect to your home WLAN

* show you amazing stuff

* know your little and big struggles

((And I just wrote “struffels” and I know at least two people who will read this and laugh at it.))

People, I love you. Like seriously love you. Just that you know.


4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. – want to see you more often
    – but when you meet it is like you never been apart

    Love you too, sweetie. 🙂

    PS: “rape field” still sounds very wrong :ugly:

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