Spring morning

It’s such an amazingly beautiful morning that I took a detour on my way home from bringing the boys to daycare. I soon regretted not having the camera on me but the pictures are not so bad, considering they’ve been made by mobile! See for yourself.


wpid-2015-05-06-08-31-20_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-31-35_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-32-34_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-36-03_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-37-31_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-37-42_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-39-23_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-39-51_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-42-17_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-42-49_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-43-32_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-44-03_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-44-19_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-56-08_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-57-11_photo wpid-2015-05-06-08-58-00_photo wpid-2015-05-06-09-03-41_photo wpid-2015-05-06-09-04-59_photo


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