Well, I’m back.

Wow. Long time no see!

It’s crazy how time goes by – not slowly as in the song but fast, so fast in fact, I feel like I live in fast-forward these days and months.

A lot happened! We celebrated Yule and Christmas, we went house-searching (without results) and renovated our kitchen (with amazing results). There’s a big blog post coming up with tons of pictures and I promise, you’ll be amazed! 😉 And with that: yes, I really intend to be back.

But for now let me tell you about last Tuesday. A friend and I went to an art course, called “free painting”. The quintessence was to “Just do”. There was a real buffet of paint and lots and lots of different brushes, dough scrapers, dishwashing brushes, scrapers and other things with which you could work. No guidelines, input only when you asked for it and no limits. 90 minutes of just painting and trying and letting go.

I tell you, it was amazing. I had art as a major subject in my last two years of school and my teacher was very keen on dampening the colours by mixing them with various shades of grey. … which can be awesome because you have so many variants of just one colour by that but it’s never the “pure” colour. Also, we were never allowed to use too much paint. Pictures like those of Van Gogh, with their thick layers and craters and crinkles of paint were unthinkable in that course.

So I focused on exactly the things I barely use: pure colour and lots of it. I used a dough scraper (which I never thought of using before!) and just splashed colour above colour onto the canvas, letting the moment and the tools and the colours guide me.

It was a really freeing experience. I’d have thought that Johanna and I would talk and talk while painting but in fact, we were both so absorbed in the moment, in the pictures flowing out of us that we barely exchanged a word while we were working.

One thing the “teacher” of the class (she didn’t really teach except maybe that everything is allowed, nothing is bad or better and that the act of painting itself is what it’s all about – which is actually a lot, now that I think of it) said which really stuck: “Paint like children do. No concept, no ‘does that fit into my room’, no ‘does the colour match the carpet’ or whatever. They just paint.” I loved that because I can so see that in my boys. They love to paint – on everything, as children do: walls, furniture, paper, wood, sofas… (*sigh*) No concepts, no borders, just painting.

I really should paint more like that.


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