The crazy life with twins


“Oh, how cute! Are they twins?” – “No, they’re a beagle and a crate of beer.”

No, that’s not an actual conversation, but sometimes I wish I had the guts to say that. Honestly, that’s the most-heared question twin parents get. But at the same time, the question is always asked with such a joy and a smile that it’s hard to be sarcastic in the face of a stranger. People love twins! Really, they do! And they always have a story about twins themselves or just a comment.

“Ooooooh, my brother’s lawyer’s sister also has twins!” “Aww. I always wanted twins myself… Lucky you!” “Wow, they look so much alike!” “Haha, you have your hands full!”

It can get a tad old, I tell you, but they all mean well. And I enjoy the joy my two boys invoke in others so much. When they “sing” while we rattle over the wooden bridge on our normal route, every single person that passes us smiles. Isn’t that something plain wonderful?

However, despite having twins being one of the best things that ever happened to me, some things were (and are) exhausting, frustrating or just plainly involve a big learning process. So I thought I’d share some of my experiences with you in the following weeks – most of which certainly apply not only to twin parents but also for parents of a single baby.

Now, as one of the advices I’m going to repeat over and over is to trust yourself and not rely too much on the advice of others, it can seem weird that I write such posts. But I must say that it helped me a lot to read about the experiences of others. I took in as much as I could, thought about it, tried some things out and then stayed with what seemed good. Adding my voice to the chorus of mothers and fathers sharing their experience seems like a natural step. I benefitted from all the stories and want to give back.

So stay tuned! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The crazy life with twins

  1. I think you should say that at every opportunity! I know I’ve made some dumb comments before and when people have responded with that kind of deadpan humor it never fails to crack me up and open the door for more conversation. I’m a bit of an oddball, though, so it is possible that a little old lady would respond by marching off in a huff.

    • Oh man, I can just imagine that poor little old lady. ^_^ They actually are mostly elderly people (which reminds me of a conversation with a really nice but slightly demented old lady who was absolutely fascinated by the boys which led to a 15-minutes-self-repeating-conversation of “And they’re twins?! NO! Oh! That’s quite a handful! Girls? BOYS! Ah! No! Haha! You have your work cut out for you! And they’re twins?! …). I just can’t quite bring myself to say it, knowing they mean well – altough it would probably depend on the person asking.

  2. When my first child was born, a *very long time ago*, the only advice that I ever followed was “listen to all the advice you are given. Then do what you feel is right”

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