I am…

Blogging since 2006. Wow. What a time! 8 years!

I think blogging for me started as a natural extension of keeping a diary once my online life really started. Oh, and those first posts! I cringe, reading them, shaking my head… nothing but proof that I’m not the same person as I was back then. So young and full of hurt and sadness. So much has changed since then… Back than, I thought life had not much to give me but disappointments. Slowly, I made my way to trusting myself and now, I found the one thing I thought back then I’d never get: love. My own family.

But even though the black patches of depression that held me back then vanished, it still is a diary, you know. Blogging. My personal online bubble version of my life, a splinter of my mind lodged in the vast universe that is The Net, that unfathomable, amazing web, stretching around the earth. Isn’t it amazing that I, as a 31-year-old German nerd, can talk to an Australian mother of three or an Indian music-lover, a twenty-something Singaporean and a Finnish gal living in the US – isn’t that mind-blowing? And now you’re here, whereever you’re from, reading the bits and pieces of thoughts my fingers type into this  virtual page. Wow.

You know, that is something I can still be amazed by – the connectedness these days allow us all. And even though we can’t see each other, our thoughts and ideas, our creativity and sadness, our tales and struggles are shared. Burdens are lightened, laughs are shared and sometimes, friendships are formed. That is the reason I still blog, the reason I still connect and write, after eight years of changes and life. I love to read how others make their lives more beautiful, what special moment they had today or how they plan and do and live. I love to see pictures of their homes, gardens and projects. Their – your! – lives reach out through your words and touch others. I love that aspect of sharing and connecting.

You probably won’t find here much wisdom beside the little insights every-day-life grants me. But you can bet on the random nerdiness or feminist moment, photos now and then and a general peek into my life. Especially my life as a mother of twins (which only began a little bit over a year ago) and about my dream of building a home for all of us. That does not only include a physical house but also a spiritual home, where we try to create our own traditions. There is so much ahead of us – and I’d love for you to share it with me.

(Also: yes, that kind of babbling can sometimes happen as well…)


3 thoughts on “Blogging.

  1. Following you back! I wish I could remember some German … I did take it in Grade 10 for one year but that was a lifetime ago! I can count to four as I grew up in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) – a city with I think still the second largest Oktoberfest behind is it Munich? Those days are hazy too! Not because of age but because of too much Ein prosit! (Or however it is spelled!) You have been blogging as long as I have been a mom to my adopted daughter. I’ll look forward to connecting! Yvonne

    • Thank you 😀

      And yes, it’s Munich and Ein Prosit! is correctly spelled 😉 Also totally looking forward to connecting. My best!


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