To Change and Inspiration!


I know, I’ve been quiet for a few days and I’m sorry about that. I feel a bit down at the moment, probably partly due to the nearly constantly grey, rainy autumn days (I mean – September only started! It should still be summer!) and partly due to the increasinly frustrating search for a house. As much as I love the flat we’re living in (the view from our balcony is pure love) – it is getting way too small. Four people in three rooms that have to live, eat and work here… it’s getting really, really crowded.

We’ve been on the search for quite a while now and honestly, there seems to be no beautiful houses with garden in our vicinity that a) have internet and b) can be paid for within our lifespan. Is that really too much to ask? When in 9 months only two or three houses are interesting enough that we went to look at them and the most promising was sold before we even had the chance to look at them, it gets reeeeeally frustrating.

That said, I try to befriend the thought that we have to live here yet another year at least – or have to look for another, bigger flat before we can find our house. Which is kind of annoying when I think of having to pay for another move and cool at the same time, when I think about being able to create another home for us.

For the moment I’ve settled for trying to find ways to optimize the flat we currently live in. The twins have grown so much that they again reach the books in the shelves and we just have no room to put them up another step. Maybe I can find a way to keep them in their own room more instead of having them play here in the living room… Friday I’ll make a trip to IKEA to see if inspiration strikes. Until then I do what I can with what I have… which includes little changes like new pictures on the wall.  There has been a white wall in the boy’s room for way too long and now I’ve finally found the inspiration and time to paint a little picture that I can hang up there.

IMG_0860I’m really looking forward to when I have the time and space to change a few things in the twin’s room. Due to storage limits there are two shelves and several boxes that contain our things and I really would love them to be out of there. But before that can happen, we need to declutter both the attic and the cellar to get more space. Ah, work, it never ends…


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