Running out of blog entry titles


I’m so full of thoughts and good memories of the last week and I’m still not able to come up with a decent title for this entry. Pathetic. But hey, who cares – it’s the content that counts, right? 😉



After a beautiful, beautiful Lughnasadh celebration which will get its own little blog entry in time, Leander and I took the boys to the Luneburg Heath, a really beautiful place in the north of Germany. The wee little town we were at is actually the town where I went with my family as a child myself in the summer holidays, for many years.


It’s really small and really lovely, in the midst of woods and fields and heathland, with farms and not much else. We shared a little house with my brother, his wife and three daughters which was really amazing. We don’t live too near and therefore barely have time to really sit together, talk and just enjoy each other’s company. My youngest niece is actually only four months older than the twins and so it’s really a shame we can’t meet more often and we really enjoyed the week we had together.


It’s amazing how much time you can spend doing not much and enjoying it as well! The guest family owning the vacation houses have been awarded for child-friendliness and the wonderful gardens had not only chicken and rabbits, but a swing, a trampoline, a seesaw, a slide and of course a sand box. Games were played, wine and beer was drunk and food was plenty – apart from that we played with the kids in the grass, in the sand, on the trampoline, we read and talked and ate some more, laid in the hammock or in the sun, went for a little walk and opened another bottle of wine when the night came.


It was such a beautiful, relaxed week and the kids loved so to play with each other! And it was so relaxing to have other people there who know how to handle children. More often than not, being away with the twins is more exhausting than relaxing because you can’t let the children out of your view for one second – outlets are not secured, doors open, potentially dangerous stuff is in their reach and so on. And most people just don’t see these problems and therefore are not able to actually help watching the boys.


Here, we could let them run around and play and just be without having to worry about their safety (or the survival rate of Stuff That Is Not Ours) because everyone looked after everyone. So, despite the trips to Hamburg for my grannies 80th birthday and the visit of friends which were exhausting (in a good way), the week actually was like a vacation! And I can’t tell you how good this feels – both the relaxation and the knowledge that it is possible to go somewhere with the children and relax. 


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