Day 19 ~ Blessed Randomness


Don’t Stop the Rockin’. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go.

It’s funny that just yesterday I said to Leander how I didn’t like the prefabricated story assignments, because they feel too constricted, too narrow for me, for my writing. I joined the class to learn something about my writing, to hone it, to just keep going. But prefabricated stories do nothing for me. No creativity comes from it, no real flow and I don’t feel like I learn something from it. The free writing we already did on Day 1 on the other hand – that really surprised the hell out of me because it was much better than I anticipated. First I could only think about how hard it was but then, suddenly, the words flowed and a natural theme evolved, without editing, without thinking on what I would write beforehand. Thoughts directly to words…

That reminds me of a post from Liz about how she made herself a vessel for the energies and let them talk through her… something I never experienced in writing but in Tarot. I know, I know, a lot of people think Tarot or Runes are just nonsense. One reads in them what one WANTS to read etc. But honestly – it’s not like that. I lay the cards for myself and for others and especially when reading for others (which I do on a really irregular basis, I’m no professional), especially people I don’t know, there are situations that just blow you away.

“Is it possible that there was something in your near past that really changed a lot? You lost a friend?” – “… how do you know?!”

It sounds silly but I swear to you, it’s true. Of course there are cards and themes that are very general and could apply to anyone but the combination of cards is always special to the person in front of me. And I experienced way too many sessions and evenings where everything just fit. I had people sitting in front of me growing quieter with every minute, I had silent tears, I had eye-openers, I had revelations. The cards seem to be random but somehow they match nearly every time. I am convinced there are energies between people and everything around us that can guide us if we let them – and sometimes these energies speak through us. Whether you call it Universe, Great Goddess, angels or spirits doesn’t matter. It is there. You know these moments when you look at someone and feel electrified? When you feel connected, rooted, safe? When you’re completely at peace? When you can’t take your eyes from someone? When you’re so deep in conversation with someone you don’t see anything around you? That’s it.

There is a simple exercise where you can really feel this energy between you and someone else. Sit in front of each other and breathe deep and consciously. Then hold up both your hands. Bring them close to each other’s but don’t let them touch. A tiny space between your palms, maybe one or two centimeters. Now start moving your hands, slow circles, up and down, back and forth – however you want to. Don’t let your hands touch, follow the movements the other one makes. Move both hands at the same time, but don’t talk. Don’t arrange who will move first, just let it come naturally to you. After a short while you will realize that you don’t have to look at your hands anymore to see the other one’s movements and are still able to follow it. Feel the heat and energy between you and look what happens.


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