The attentive reader discovered a new link image in the side bar: the Blogging University logo.


I’m participating in the “Class of June 2014”, or in other words: in Writing 101. It is a blogging challenge created to improve the participants’ writing, to inspire and basically “get us going”. When I stumbled across it, I hesitated to enlist. Would I be able to meet all the tasks? Can I actually blog daily and will I really be able to or want to write something on a topic not chosen by myself?

Then I sat myself down and told me, quite firmly: “Really, Julie. Really?! Every day you’re annoyed by yourself because you’re not writing enough or think you’re not good enough and now you hesitate to grasp this chance instead of jumping up and down excitedly?! Get a grip, girl!” – “Okay, okay!” I hastily assured myself, “I’m participating, don’t get cranky!”

And here I am, being a part of a blogging/writing experience, sharing and trying myself out. As I wrote in the Commons (a blog where all the participants can share their thoughts and posts):

I loved [the first assignment] even though I found it quite challenging to just “let go”, no planning, and had to forcibly keep myself writing. I deliberately did not read other blog posts before I wrote mine and also deliberately did not proofread my post before publishing. And I was surprised that I liked my post better than I would have thought.

It feels good to challenge myself to something like that and I do hope that I can keep up with the Writing 101 and then continue to write here on a more regular basis. Which is also, why I tagged the post with “Let go of Fear“. No planning, no fear, no holding back, just doing. So hard. So worth it.


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