You now what I miss most? A garden. A green place that is my own, where I can grow herbs and vegetables and flowers and trees, where the boys can crawl and run around, where the cat can come and go as he wants.Where we can stretch out in the sun, enjoy the wetness of the grass after a heavy rain, install our hammock and lie in it, watching the stars. Where we can barbecue and drink wine in warm summer nights or build snow fords in winter, play hide and seek and splash around with water.

For now, I have to content myself with our little balcony but more and more I really get sort of desperate for a home of our own. Unfortunately, the market at the moment is… well, let’s say, not in our favour. But I can see it so clearly in my mind, our dream house, my dream garden. Sometimes it feels like it’s only then, when we’ll have our house, that our lives truly beginn. Which is bollocks of course, I know. Still, it’s a bit as if a part of me is always waiting for it. Dreaming.

img_6270 img_1437 img_1443 img_6266


Pictures were taken in the garden where we were married.


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