Time goes by


It’s fascinating, how time flies by these days. I barely manage to sit more than ten or twenty minutes at a strech at the computer. Our days are filled with meetings with friends, roleplaying, taking walks, reading and working. The boys are again renewing their rhythm and stopped nursing altogether. For a week now they basically sleep through the night, with only very few exceptions. Leander and I are slowly adjusting to this and trying to acclimatise. The one thing we have yet to (re)learn is to always put them back in their own beds in the night and not give in to sleepy temptation. Our bed is just not large enough for the four of us and we really would love to spend a whole night again together in our bed…

Both of them are learning so very, very much these days. They’re starting to walk and grow like… well, it feels like they grew 10 cm each day! Accordingly, they’re eating like a horse and start to grumble every five minutes for another apple or piece of bread or carrot or something else they can stuff into their little mouths. Climbing is their newest accomplishment and with them getting so big, the next step of “getting our flat childproof” is very shortly ahead. We need to clear all window sills where a couch or chair is directly in front of it because they start climbing up and tearing everything down. I’m still a bit at a loss where to put everything – we’re running out of place so quickly.


A good many things are changing at the moment. It’s not only that the big steps my sweet little babies are making reminds me very clearly of how quickly time goes by, it feels like something BIG is directly ahead, just lurking behind the next corner, waiting to be revealed. I kind of feel restless, mentally fidgeting and being uneasy while at the same time enjoying these days so much. It’s a very strange feeling and I feel like decisions and changes are waiting to be made. I wonder – is it just me? Is it just the changing of the seaons, the touch of summer, the growth of my children or is it something deeper, more universal? Am I changing or is something else?



I wrote here that I have the time of my life at the moment. And I stand by it. Maybe it’s “just” that – the knowledge that each day passing brings me closer to the return to every-day-work-life. Or it is the promise of possibilities lying ahead?


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