10 random things


Playing along with 10 random things, found at Erin’s:

  1. When I was a teenager, I always wanted a twin. Now I have twins. Magic of life…
  2. I cannot imagine a life without having a cat.
  3. I used to kill every plant in my room – until I lived with my grandma for a while. Since then I seem to have something like a green thumb.
  4. Born to a protestant minister I left church two years ago after having made a spiritual journey of many years, finding myself in new paganism.
  5. I would love to live in another country for a year or so.
  6. For a long time I was convinced I would not live to see my 27th birthday.
  7. I love few things as much as I love the woods – but few things scare me as much as driving through a forest at night.
  8. I get so immersed in books that I don’t see or hear anything around me.
  9. I firmly believe in rebirth – and that I once lived in ancient egypt.
  10. I don’t have a favourite season. I just can’t decide what I love most: the colours of spring, the warmth of summer nights, the sweet melancholy of falling leaves in autumn or the beauty of a snowy day in winter…

how about you?


5 thoughts on “10 random things

  1. the headlights on the trees as you drive by, beautiful, but yes keep me in the car, moving along. it’s one of my strongest memories of childhood. Beautiful list Julie.

    • I enjoyed doing it 🙂

      And I also don’t mind it at all – on the contrary, I enjoy it. I think it’s a kind of gift to be able to fully “live” a story.

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