I am.

IMG_9268_klI am…

making socks. Still making them. I’m stuck on the second one – but I resolved to play less PlayStation this week and read and do more. That’ll help. I think 😉
cooking vegetable casserole.
drinking water. And too much cappuccino…
reading Casket of Souls by Lynn Flewelling. If you’re into fantasy you MUST check out her wonderful books!
wanting to finally find a new home. I’m really getting annoyed by our flat.
looking good these days. I started to pay more attention to my looks, wearing light makeup and jewelery again. And I feel so much better for doing it! It was okay to let down a bit with the babies but now I really feel the need to take care of myself again.
playing Assassins Creed Revelations and I’m totally hooked. Too much, actually.
wasting too much time on uncreative stuff. Need more writing, reading, meditating…
sewing nothing. Even though I’m craving a new middle age dress for the markets this summer…
wishing for this weather to just keep on rocking. With temperatures above 20°C and sun, everything seems easier.
enjoying the time outside with my boys. They’re so wonderful when discovering nature! ♥
waiting for the right time to start with sports again. At the moment I don’t really feel comfortable with leaving Leander alone with the boys in the evenings… they can be reeeeeally cranky when tired and it’s so hard to handle both at the same time when they’re crying. Maybe I should look for another course during the day…
liking lying in the sun.
wondering how I can handle my unhealthy craving for sweets these days. I really need to cut the chocolate. Also: do I want to celebrate my birthday this year? Hm…
loving feeling the creativity to flow again. What the brighter, sunnier, lovelier days to me is incredible.
hoping that my tomatoe plantlets are coming.
marvelling at how quickly the boys are growing and learning. They’re already trying themselves at balancing freehand!
needing to lose weight.
smelling incense I burned this morning. Spring magic!
wearing Jeans and a cotton nursing shirt – it’s just so comfy. Also a cardigan and wool socks because today is pretty chilly.
following various wonderful blogs.
noticing that my mood improves with every day the sun is out.
knowing that, no matter when we’ll find our new home, it’ll be awesome. Just awesome.
thinking about having another cappuccino. But I think I’ll switch to tea. It’s that kind of day.
bookmarking too many link I never look up again. But at the moment I’m looking at Michelle Schoeps Organic and it looks so promising! (and yummy.)
opening too many packages with books… I don’t have so much time but such a need for literature!
giggling with the boys a lot these days. It’s amazing how little can make them so happy!
feeling spring. With everything that comes with it.


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