The little things

smallspells-0079 Sometimes, when the mood catches me, I just do. You know how you often think “oh, I still need to…” or “oh, I would so love to…” and end up not doing it because the internet distracted you/the sofa looked so comfy/there was this article you wanted to read and you get stuck? I’m totally guilty of that. But every now and then I stop fretting around, stop myself from getting distracted and just start whatever it is I wanted to do. This can lead to Leander coming home to a complete mess in the living room because I’m redecorating or all of our laundry lying on the floor as I empty and clean the closet – or just the little things like growing sprouts and planting the seeds that were waiting for months. And even if it’s amazing to recreate a room and declutter, I must say that few things calm and satify me as much as working with earth and plants. A few days ago, I finally planted some flowers and herbs and it was so amazing! The feeling of earth and water, the knowledge (or nescience) of how soon there will be tiny green offshoots breaking through the dark earth, seeing the effect the light has on the plants… it’s somewhat spritual. Maybe it’s the combination of all elements working together, maybe it’s the fact that I’m an Earth Child, maybe it’s just that you can see the effect of what you did immediately – there is nothing like growing a tiny garden on your window sill or your balcony. Oh, how I look forward to having a garden!

No news yet on a new house. But we’re getting there. No fear, positive visualization – I’m holding on to that. 🙂 Yesterday, my cousin linked an article to a way of building houses that just blew me away: Earthships. Nothing that we would build exactly like that, for various reasons, but we hope to adapt some aspects of it. As there are very few houses on the market at the moment, we’re thinking of building ourselves. A both scary and amazing thought.


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