As promised, a quick explanation of the buttons you can find in the side bar. I found both projects at bluebirdbaby, a wonderful photo blog I read regularly.

30 days of beauty is a photo challenge trying to capture beauty amidst the dead of winter – something very close to my heart. Even though I absolutely love the slow evenings in winter, the bitter cold, snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a book with candles next to me, I deeply miss the sun in the cold season. The closer we come to Yule, the winter solstice, the moodier I get. I so miss the light and the warmth and colours of spring and summer and sometimes it’s hard to remember there’s beauty and homeliness in winter as well. Erin’s project was a wonderful inspiration.


While the abovementioned project is one that Erin did in 2010, the next one hits a bit closer to home, at least in terms of year date. Let go of Fear is her motto for the year challenge:


by joining in on the 2014 challenge called “let go of fear” we will choose to focus on moving forward and leaving fear behind. we will venture into the unknown with passion and be open to whatever comes our way!

So much love for these words! This years beginning was something not only filled with joy for me. In November I’m supposed to go back to work as technical editor in an IT company, a thought that actually fills me with dread. I studied English and German literature, always writing and painting and taking photos – in short, always trying to lead a creative life. I can tell you: technical editor in an IT company is basically as far from being creative as it gets. I really like my colleagues but working at the company also means being away from home 11 hours a day as I have an 1-hour drive both to and from work. But not going back to work there means looking for a new job… and I can tell you, that is something which drives me crazy with fear, especially as there is a big job change for Leander coming as well. It’s a Fear with capital F, black and slimy and sticky deep down in my belly, making it hard to breathe. The Fear of not finding anything. The Fear of losing money while having to care for my children. The Fear of being stuck in that job that does nothing for me but deprive me of energy I so need both for myself and my children. And I know that I need to lose that Fear or it’ll paralyze me so far that I don’t even start to look for the change that I so deeply crave.

So I’ll be a part of Erin’s challenge: to live this year without Fear, without doubt. I will visualize my goals with confidence and joy and we will find not only a beautiful, blessed home with garden but also fulfillment in jobs we love. Letting go of Fear.


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